About us

Give and Win: Voluntary is brought to you by NCVO, and licensed through their subsidiary the Voluntary Organisation Lottery Society.

It is a unique fundraising lottery designed to help relieve smaller charities and voluntary organisations from the costs and administration required in setting up a lottery from scratch. NCVO have partnered with online lottery specialists Capen, who will assist in managing the lottery, and will maintain and support the lottery website.

About NCVO

  • NCVO champions and strengthens volunteering and civil society, with over 11,000 members, from the largest charities to the smallest community organisations.
  • There are thousands of voluntary sector organisations in the UK. There are millions of volunteers.
  • Every day, across the country, people give their time, energy and money. And for over 90 years, NCVO has brought the voluntary sector’s people together: to solve problems, address root causes, and inspire each other.

About Capen

Capen are an External Lottery Manager, licensed by the Gambling Commission. As well as NCVO, their many clients include Comic Relief, The Travel Foundation and Concern Worldwide. They are the only UK lottery company working exclusively in the digital space and their mission is to make lotteries simple!

“Lotteries are a proven and effective method of fundraising, but in order to succeed they tend to require a considerable commitment in time and resources. Give and Win is changing that by removing the licensing and infrastructure burdens, allowing our members to raise much-needed funds without the hassle” Richard Williams, Director of Innovation, NCVO



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