What is Give and Win Voluntary?

Give and Win Voluntary is a new society lottery which provides a simple way for charities and voluntary organisations to raise funds.
It is not the same as the National Lottery.
Think of it as an online fundraising raffle – when you buy a ticket for £1  you will be entered into a draw to win cash prizes and 50p of that will go directly to your chosen charity. In addition, if you are lucky enough to win our amazing £25,000 jackpot, your nominated charity will also receive a £25,000 windfall!
The more tickets you buy and the more often you play, the more chances you have to win and more money goes to your charity.


How do I play?

Visit the Give and Win Voluntary website and sign up for a player account.

You will then be able to buy tickets online through your account. You can buy anything from one ticket to one hundred tickets every week.
You can pay for tickets by credit or debit card and you can also sign up to be a regular player by setting up a recurring payment to purchase tickets every week. Tickets purchased between 17:01 pm on Friday until 17:00 pm on the following Friday will be entered into the draw that is held on Saturday at 17:45 pm.


Where can I buy tickets?

All tickets are purchased online on the Give and Win Voluntary website

Each participating charity will have their own personalised fundraising page on this website. So you will buy your tickets through your charity’s page.


Do I have to buy a ticket every week?

No. It is up to you when you buy tickets and how many you buy. But the more tickets you purchase, the more your charity will benefit.  You can sign up to be a regular player by setting up a recurring payment.


How much do tickets cost?

Each ticket costs £1.
50p of this will go directly to your charity. The remainder is spent on prizes, and on the administration of the lottery. If there is any surplus it will be used to further the aims of NCVO, providing member benefits and supporting the voluntary sector.


What prizes do people win?

Each week players can win cash prizes of £25,000 with a further £25,000 to their charity, £1000, £100, runners up prizes of three free tickets and a £1000 monthly bonus prize, see lottery rules.
How does the draw work?

The draw process is based upon the results of the first six digits of Germany’s Spiel 77 lottery which is drawn every Saturday at 18:45 CET and the results are published on the website ( The Winning Number for each weekly draw shall be the six digit number generated as follows:

(a)             the Winning Number shall be the first six digits (in the same order) of the Germany’s Spiel 77 lottery which is drawn every Saturday at 18:45 CET(17:45 GMT).


How can I check if I have won?

Results will be announced on the Give and Win Voluntary website

Winners will also be notified individually by email, or by their alternative methods of communication. There is no need to get in touch with us if you have won, as we will automatically contact all winners.


How does this benefit my charity?

For every person who buys a ticket through a charity’s personalised fundraising page on the website that charity will receive 50p.
This money will go to the charity regardless of whether anyone who bought a ticket through their page won a prize or not. So every time you buy a ticket through your charity’s page you not only get the chance to win an amazing cash prize but also raise important funds for your charity.

By running the lottery through Give and Win Voluntary instead of running it themselves, charitys are spared the administration costs and responsibilities that come with running a lottery as these are covered by the licenses held by NCVO and Capen.
This means they can direct their time and the funds they raise towards their own development.
How do I cancel recurring payments?

Subscription customers will be billed at their chosen frequency. Customers using repeat payment via credit or debit card can cancel at any time by contacting or by contacting their card issuer directly.

When you purchase a ticket/s Capen Ltd is the merchant of record. Your bank statement will record your transaction as;
Capen Ltd
If you have any queries regarding your tickets please email or telephone 0203 096 6265

Who is Capen?

Capen is our expert External Lottery Manager responsible for administering the lottery and distributing the prizes. Capen is licensed with the Gambling Commission as External Lottery Manager (Type F, Remote) license number 000-036257-R-317724-001 to run and operate:


Who is NCVO Voluntary Organisation Lottery Society?

Voluntary Organisation Lottery Society is the society that will hold the Operating Licence and will promote the lottery. It has been established to further the aims of NCVO members through the Give and Win Lottery.

NCVO is an umbrella organisation for voluntary organisations and charities. It has over 11,000 members.

While NCVO Voluntary Organisation Lottery Society will promote the lottery, NCVO will carry out certain marketing activity related to the lottery that will be largely focused on informing its members about the opportunity that the Give and Win Voluntary lottery as promoted by NCVO Voluntary Organisation Lottery Society offers to their member charities.


Why have I been charged an extra £3.00 for buying lottery tickets though you?

Please note that Some Credit Card issuers charge a cash advance fee for Gaming Transactions, if in doubt check your Credit Card T&Cs or use a debit card.